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It's easier to lo'e Prince Chairlie .... than Scotland?

A' isna gowd that glitters
And weel I mind ane came
And kindled in oor lyart hills
What look't like livin' flame

Tho' a's no' gowd that glitters
He keeps his meed o' fame
It's easier to lo'e Prince Chairlie
Than Scotland - mair's the shame!

Many a Scot will recall Hugh MacDiarmid's To Circumjack Cencrastus ...

Merseyside Scots recall that the poet was living nworking on Merseyside when he penned much of this famous work.

Re-reading lately as the Scottish Diaspora Tapestry panels for Merseyside are readied, the Trustees were reminded of an 'official' appraisal of the likelihood of success for a Visitor Centre in Prestonpans some years ago. It opined that there must be doubt that The Prince was a sufficiently strong magnet for visitors. The Prestonpans Tapestry, with 150,000 visitors in the first two years seems to put that comment in perspective, and echoes what MacDiarmid had to say on Merseyside in 1930 or thenabouts.

Published Date: October 20th 2012

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