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Appeal for Tapestry's Home Online & Onsite to 'Private' Donors

The Trust's Target is to seek and find 2 million from 'Private' Donors

Oak trees from acorns grow ... and so the Battle Trust intends in its determination to create a Living History Centre in Prestonpans where one of the major features will be the acclaimed Prestonpans Tapestry.

The Appeal is taking contributions online via PayPal from donors across the world who share the ambition. Details are available at this LINK HERE

The Appeal is being organised with the support of the Committee of High Patrons and all Trustees. The in-house team includes Kristine Cunningham, Sharon Dabell and Arran Johnston.

A descriptive leaflet is available here on line also.
LINKED HERE it provides a proforma [on its page 4] for those who would prefer to contribute by cheque/ via the postal services.

Onsite at the continuing Exhibitions of the Tapestry a 'smart' collection box has been acquired ....

... not that the regular bins across the Highlands and East Coast last year did not work their wonderful magic but, at more traditional Exhibition Venues, we understand a 'smarter' box is appropriate! So seen below for the first time on the internet and in use this month in Kirkcaldy, behold!

Published Date: May 20th 2011

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