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Life at Sea was just as dangerous as Life in Prestonpans!

'Twas 'Dangerous' up Preston Tower as well as at the Walls of Preston House

Two images of now completed panels - detail from # 83 by Lynn Fraser of the slaughter of redcoats caught at the walls of Preston House in 1745; and Hilary and Isla Butler proudly show their Tower scene [# 76] which recalls the story that local Pannners 'watched' the battle from the Tower - it had been in ruins since 1547 i.e. just before the Battle of Pinkie.

click on images to enlarge

Meanwhile, back on July 9th du Teillay sails on alone!

Catharine McDonald in her panel #7 captures the image of du Teillay sailing on alone to Eriskay with The Prince and the Seven Men shortly to be dubbed ...of Moidart. L'Elisabeth had, alas, to return to France after the damaging sea battle off The Lisard with HMS Lion on July 9th 1745. It was a bad news moment for the Prince's campaign since there were 700 French soldiers on board L'Elisabeth and many munitions and firearms.

Published Date: June 27th 2010

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