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It's the Robot not a Credit Crunch!

Visit Guides straight from the Dispenser .. for 1 mind you .... but ....

.... in the coming days, the Keeper of the Fortalice, otherwise known as Burris Bursary Winner 2007 Pat Fox, will be installing a truly amazing seaside machine just opposite The Prestoungrange Gothenburg - close by the totem pole.

It's not What the Butler Saw! It dispenses a trio of Arts Festival leaflets being the guides for visitors to the Murals Trail, the Witches Remembrance and the Battlefield Walk. To actuate it you only need to insert a 1 coin.

However, there's even better news because with each 1 for the trio of guides comes a Voucher from The Gothenburg to visit with them and claim a 1 or 2 reduction from the price of a meal [excluding alcohol] when you spend at least 5 or 10 respectively.

There's a tip here for Alastair Darling's next budget perhaps. Firstly the robot serves both left and right handers with no added VAT of 15%. Secondly the reduction in the price of 5/ 10 worth of food at The Goth is not 2.5% but no less than 20%.

All who are contemplating a visit to The Gothenburg [other than on a booked party] could usefully bear in mind this excellent Crunchtime Offer.

Published Date: December 3rd 2008

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