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Proclamations at Edinburgh's Mercat Cross: September 17th @ 12 noon

Proclamation of King James VIII to be Re-enacted

At 12 noon some 263 years ago, September 17th to be precise, HRH Prince Charles Edward, Heralds and Highlanders gathered at the Mercat Cross in Edinburgh to deliver three Proclamations. The first two were repetitious, having been made earlier in Rome and Paris, but the third, and briefest, warned the citizenry of Edinburgh either to turn in their arms or to join the Prince's army in default of which the consequences must be faced!

12 noon is once again the moment

The re-renactment of these three Declarations opens the 2008 programme of events, at 12 noon. All are invited and in case those at the rear of the crowd are unable to hear the full purport of the Declarations, they are each linked/ attached below:

* King James VIII's Declaration in Rome, December 23rd 1743

* HRH Prince Charles Edward, Regent's, Declaration in Paris May 16th 1745

* HRH Prince Charles Edward, Regent's, Declaration from Holyroodhouse Palace, September 17th 1745

Published Date: September 6th 2008

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