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How Can You Thank a Volunteer? Greek Night @ The Gothenburg [& Plate Throwing]

"It's a pleasure", they say, "but ...'s always very nice to be appreciated".

For the past decade the Prestoungrange Arts Festival, Three Harbours Festival, much of the activity at The Gothenburg since its restoration, Friends of Cuthill Park and the Battle of Prestonpans Trust have been resourced by volunteers. Volunteers whose services to these causes could not be bought but whose goodwill and energy and time and word-of-mouth are worth millions.

Meadowmill and St Andrew's ... needed a band of volunteers to welcome visitors this summer ...

There has been a very special call for volunteers from May/ September this year to be on duty at St Andrew's Episcopal Church throughout the brilliant Prestonpans Pottery Exhibition and at Meadowmill at the pioneering Visitor Centre for the Battle of Prestonpans Heritage Trust - both continuing till end September [29th and 22nd respectively]. Led by Gillian Hart and Kristine Cunningham a 'growing' band has emerged to meet the challenge and both the Arts Directorate and the Trustees for the Battle Heritage wanted to hold a 'Band Meeting' to say thank you to one and all together.

To Honour Jessie Watson and The Belfield Dynasty - Plate Throwing a la Greque

The perhaps surprising answer is to be a Greek Night at The Goth on September 19th. Any and all who love Greek food and their ouzo [and/ or want to thank the volunteers themselves] are welcome to book a seat or a table by calling 01875 819922. But the Guests of Honour are the Volunteers. And it wont just be an occasion for tasting Chef Andrew Laurie's fine Greek food. Enter the reminiscences of the late Jessie Watson who worked at Belfields Pottery which, although closed before WW II stood till the 1960s just close by the Prestoungrange Gothenburg car park.

In her discussions earlier this year with Graeme Cruickshank, Curator of the Prestonpans Pottery Exhibition, Jessie Watson recalled how the reject Belfield pots were lobbed through three holes in the pottery walls onto the beach for the tides to take away [see the Guide Prestonpans Pottery pp 234-236].

John Burns Senior and Junior have kindly provided re-enactment rejects, and to celebrate the Gothenburg's Centenary Year 100 plates will be lobbed through appropriate 'boles' onto the beach.

Beware Falling Plates

Passers by on the private beach below are advised that a notice will be posted: Beware Falling Pots ... and to stay close to the sea wall.

It will certainly be a bizarre event. With health and safety cautioning the need for the throwers to wear goggles and everyone on site to wear a hard hat - and you think the organisers are kidding? [Not at all sure what Jessie would make of all that but's the 21st century now not the 1930s.]

Prestoungrange Arts Festival Directorate with Trustees of the Battle Heritage

Published Date: September 14th 2007

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