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Oak Trees from Acorns Grow .... Acorn Planting June 23rd

The Battle's 'Visitor Centre' to Open on June 23rd 2007

Yes, it's nearly 262 years since Bonnie Prince Charlie's Victory at Prestonpans on September 21st 1745. And although there is no evidence that the Prince himself ever suggested a Visitor Centre should be erected, the Trustees are convinced he would have applauded the initiative and gladly attended its Opening Day.

The project has been made possible by Trustee Michael Scott's generous provision of a portakabin till end September and a very great deal of devoted effort by Executive Trustee Kristine Cunningham.

As our headline above suggests, it's an acorn that we are planting on June 23rd. The bold vision of a major centre with tens of thousands of visitors each year is alive and well and included in the Exhibition - it is increasingly espoused by a widening community of Supporters here online and across Scotland.

Full details of the Centre will be published here on the website shortly but its Opening hours are 11 - 3 pm at weekends and on high days and holidays - signalled by the Prince's Battle Flag flying atop the bing.

click to enlarge the press cutting

Published Date: June 15th 2007

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